How to embroider on crochet

How to embroider on crocheted items, start to finish. A four-part tutorial series at

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I am very excited to announce a blog post series I have been wanting to do for quite some time: an in depth study of embroidering on crochet. In particular, we’ll discuss embroidery on closed crochet pieces such as amigurumi, where you don’t have access to the interior of the piece.

The series will be in four parts, two in the next few days and two in a week, divided as so:

How to embroider on crochet from the very beginning, including satin stitch, cross stitch, and some weaving. The start of a tutorial series on 1. Basics and freehand stitching.
Covers securing ends, working on crochet fabric, running stitch, backstitch, cross stitch, satin stitch, and freehand weaving.
How to embroider lazy daisy, fly stitch, French knot and bullion knot on crocheted items. Part of a tutorial series at 2. Separated stitches.
Covers lazy daisy, fly stitch, French knot, bullion knot, and some variations.
How to embroider the chain, blanket, and feather stitches on crocheted items. Part of a tutorial series at 3. Linked stitches.
Covers chain stitch, blanket stitch, feather stitch, and some variations.
How to weave, thread, whip, and couch. Part of a series on embroidering on crochet at 4. Weaving, whipping, and couching.
Covers threaded and whipped backstitch, Pekinese stitch, spider wheels, couching, and detached woven picots.

There will be many progress photos, links to alternate instructions for various stitches, and all the tips I can muster about neat and easy embroidery on crochet. Please do let me know if you have questions or would like to see more details or additional variations. Until tomorrow — happy stitching!

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