Rainbows, Finally

At long last I finally made honest-to-goodness rainbow soap. I layered yellow, orange, and “red” (the color blocks were called “Santa Claus Red” but as you’ll see they only managed pink) in one of the containers my melt-and-pour soap came in, tilting it one way and then the other for the first two layers. Once that was solid I sliced it up and embedded it in purple, blue, and green layers of soap in my 12-bar mold.

rainbow soap before the last layer is poured finished bars of rainbow soap

The warm colors were “Ultra White” soap and the cool colors were mango butter soap. To use up more of my years-old soapmaking supplies I made a second dozen bars simply by swirling oatmeal and cocoa butter soaps together in the mold. That went less than smoothly, though – the cocoa butter soap had a low melting point, and after ten or fifteen minutes I went to put the mold in the freezer and instead splashed liquid soap across the rainbow bars (the three pictured are the only ones that were unscathed) and kitchen floor. Grr.

The bars aren’t too diminished in size, though. And at least what I got on the rainbow soap was just more soap.

Incidentally I had a problem with my caching plugin setup that likely kept everyone from seeing the new pattern and tutorial catalog onsite when I posted about it. I’ve fixed it, so please check it out and let me know what you think!

The store is now a directory!

Some time ago I wrote that I had plans to change the store into a more general site catalog or directory. That day has come. I have a handful of items yet to be added, but the vast majority are there, categorized, and tagged.

I would love feedback on the user-friendliness and usefulness of this revision of the shop. Visit the new ReveDreams.com pattern and tutorial catalog!

Crochet stitch sampler washrag

I’m teaching a crochet refresher class on Wednesday, and for it I designed a simple pattern that would allow us to practice the basic stitches without taking forever but while still making something. I thought I’d share the pattern in case you’re helping someone with crochet, or are just a fan of this type of pattern. It starts with a block made in the round so you don’t have to fiddle with a starting chain until you’re back in the rhythm a bit.

finished washrag sampler

Stitch Sampler Washrag Pattern

Use cotton worsted weight yarn and an H or larger hook (5mm).

washrag sampler square 1: rounds

Square 1: rounds (make 2)

1. Ch 6 and sl st to form a ring.
2. Ch 1. Sc 12 into ring; sl st to 1st sc made (12 sts).
3. Ch 2. Hdc in same st as sl st. *Hdc 3 in next st, hdc, hdc* three times. Hdc 3 in next st, hdc, sl st to 1st hdc made (20 sts).
4. Ch 3. Dc in next st. *Dc 5 in next st, dc in each of next 4 sts* three times. Dc 5 in next st, dc, dc, sl st to top of ch-3 (36 sts).
Cut yarn, leaving a nice long tail to sew with, and pull cut end through last stitch. Weave in the starting tail.

washrag sampler square 2: rows

Square 2: rows (make 2)

1. Ch 11. Starting in 2nd ch from hk, sc across (10 sts).
2. Ch 1, turn. Sc across (10 sts).
3. Ch 3, turn. Dc in next st. Ch 2 and sk 2 sts; dc in next 2 sts. Ch 2 and sk 2 sts; dc in last 2 sts (6 dc and 2 ch-2 sps).
4. Ch 1, turn. Sc in first 2 sts; sc 2 around ch. Sc in next 2 sts; sc 2 around ch. Sc in last 2 sts (10 sts).
5. Ch 1, turn. Sc across (10 sts).
6-8. Repeat rows 3-5.
Cut yarn, leaving a tail to sew with, and pull cut end through last stitch. Weave in the starting tail.


Use the long tails to sew the squares together. To line them up, set each rows square with its last row/sewing tail at the top. Place a rounds square above each rows square with its tail off to the left. Match the near edges of the vertical pairs, placing the squares back to back with those edges up, and use the tail to whipstitch them together, stitch to stitch. Sew in the remaining tail afterward.

Next line up the two pairs so the squares make a checkerboard and the remaining sewing tails are on the edges to be joined. With each tail, stitch straight through one square edge to get to the outer end of the seam and whipstitch back to the center; secure the end. Before securing the second end you may wish to open out the full washrag and sew up any gap in the center.


You can make a simple but sturdy border for the washrag with single crochet. Tie a slip knot and place it on your hook, and then insert your hook into a stitch on the edge of the washrag and make a slip stitch. Chain 1 and sc around; where you have stitches or leftover starting chain strands this will be straightforward, but on the sides of rows you’ll want 1 stitch per single crochet row and 2 per double crochet row. Just do it by eye. Stitch through the stitches or completely around the end stitch of the row as desired. Put 3 sc into the same stitch to turn a corner. I would make 2 rounds, and of course the second will be easier because there’s no figuring out where to put stitches. Don’t forget your 3 sc to turn corners!