Fabric Files

I am here to confess to everyone that I have a problem with remnants. Sure, I do small quilting projects and make fabric coasters and other items that use only remnant-sized amounts of fabric, but I have far more in my stash than I will use up any time soon, and I look through the remnants every time I’m in a fabric store. My sewing room has a chincy four-drawer dresser in it, with a pressboard body and plastic drawer runners, and formerly I simply stacked folded fabric in the drawers. A while ago when I got it all out to look through and put it back, to take advantage of the space I had some vertically-positioned fabric in between two stacks. Later, when looking for fabric, I thought “this is much easier to look through. I should store it all this way.”

And so, next time I went to look through all of it, I did!

fabric stored like file folders in drawers

It is so much easier to find things, and to know what I have available. Now I just need a way to store spools of thread so I can see the colors, and yet not have them in the light. Suggestions?

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