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How can I help you use up your scraps of fabric? To be led to tutorials and patterns across the Internet, check the boxes for the types of projects that you’re interested in.

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Acorn ornament tutorial
scraps: 2.75″ diameter circle.
other: hot glue, acorn cap, stuffing.
Anna’s flower tutorial
scraps: 16 same-size semicircles (in example they are halves of 4.5″ diameter circles), small circle felt.
other: upholstery (or button) thread, large button or bead, fabric glue, pinback (optional).
Appliance cord cuff tutorial
scraps: approx 4″x7-8″, less if it is thicker and/or can have its edges left unfinished.
other: button.
Applique bunting cosmetic bag tutorial
scraps: four pieces 9.5″x8″, good number of smaller pieces.
other: fusible fleece or thin fleece and fusible web, zipper.
Armband/wristband pouch tutorial
scraps: two 5.5″x7.5″; one could be pieced.
other: 2″ and 3″ lengths of velcro, appx 16″ wide ribbon (or fabric sewn into strip).
note: make sure to orient the arm band so that the hook (scratchy) side of the velcro is visible when looking at the front of the pouch and the loop (soft) side when looking at the back. That will keep any extra from scratching your arm.
Attaching fabric to paper or hard surfaces
Fabric may be sewn or glued to paper of any kind (as long as the sewing machine can handle it). Mod podge is especially suited to creating fabric appliques on paper. In fact, mod podge will glue fabric to just about anything you like; I have tried binder clips and a promotional magnet and both worked great. The trick is to put a layer of mod podge both onto the item the fabric is being applied to and to the top of the fabric after it is applied.
Baby crinkle square tutorial 1 / tutorial 2
scraps: two 6″ squares, preferably flannel.
other: 6″ square of something crinkley, six 4″ lengths of different ribbons (could be more).
“Boho chic” lightweight patchwork scarf tutorial
scraps: 20 2″x12″ strips of fabric, or 40 2″x6″ strips, or – if you are really dedicated – 120 2″ squares.
other: none.
Bon bon garland tutorial
scraps: small squares (dependent on size of ball/bead), and tiny strips.
other: styrofoam balls or large round beads, hot glue, twist ties, ribbon in place of strips of fabric if desired.
Boxy pouch or makeup bag pouch / makeup bag
scraps: two 8″x6″ or four 5.5″x9.5″ rectangles, depending on style.
other: zipper at least 8″ or 9.5″ long, depending on style.
Bracelet tutorial
scraps: long strips.
other: fusible interfacing, jewelry hardware: two ribbon crimps, lobster clasp, two split rings.
Bracelet-handled purse tutorial
scraps: four 8″ squares.
other: two bangle bracelets.
Braided necklace tutorial
scraps: lots of long thin pieces, 0.5″-1″.
other: none.
Braided rag rug or trivet tutorial
scraps: lots of long thin pieces, about 1.5″ wide.
other: none.
note: modify the tutorial since you will likely have to add pieces at uneven intervals. You can use scraps of uneven width if you don’t mind your rug being a little uneven. A smaller rug may be used as a trivet.
Bunting tutorial
scraps: two triangles per flag; tutorial is 10.25″x13.75″ but could be smaller and/or pieced. Smaller pieces for applique letters or images.
other: some long cord, ribbon, or tape to hang them on.
Bunting floursack towel tutorial
scraps: various 4″x5″ pieces (will be trimmed down so don’t have to be perfect rectangles).
other: floursack towel, bias tape.
Business card/gift card/credit card holder tutorial 1 / tutorial 2
scraps: two 5.5″x4.5″, two 2.5″x4.5″; or two 6″x4.5″, one 6″x4″.
other: one 5.5″x4.5″ rectangle fusible fleece or one 6″x4.5″ piece interfacing; for both: snap or hair elastic, button with elastic if desired.
Button-up [coffee] cup cozy tutorial
scraps: two 12″x6″ pieces.
other: button, thin elastic such as a hair band.
Card and envelope tutorial
scraps: two 10″ squares for envelope, two 5.25″x7.5″ pieces for card.
other: interfacing (9.5″ square for envelope, 4.75″x7″ for card), button, embroidery floss.
Catnip fish toy tutorial
scraps: two pieces approx 6.5″x3.5″.
other: stuffing, catnip.
Coasters or fancier cocktail napkins coaster tutorial / napkin tutorial / denim coasters
scraps: two 5″ squares or slightly smaller, bits for applique (optional).
other: interfacing (optional), rickrack or other trim (optional).
Coiled fabric bowls tutorial
scraps: 4″ wide strips.
other: none.
Coin purse tutorial
scraps: two 4×7″ rectangles.
other: 5″ zipper, key chain.
Covered cord bracelets, bowl, coaster, or trivet (glued) bracelet tutorial (no pictures) / bowl tutorial
scraps: long thin strips; as thin as you like if you are patient enough.
other: cording/piping long enough to loop around your hand or to make the bowl (3 yards will make a moderate sized bowl), fabric glue or hot glue.
note: the bowl tutorial has you join your strips by sewing, but you could also glue the ends to the rope, overlapping.
Crazy quilting resources
scraps: any.
other: buttons, beads, patches, lace, ribbon, anything. Embroidery materials.
note: this is really a technique rather than a project. See the linked resource page for project ideas, or apply it to anything that won’t get rough handling.
Criss-cross coasters tutorial
scraps: six 4.5″ squares (only 5 will show).
other: one 4″ square fusible web or interfacing.
note: very clever construction. No sewing up an opening after turning!
Cube pin cushion tutorial
scraps: six 3.5″ squares, one 2″x9″ strip.
other: stuffing (including, if desired, rice and lavender).
Cuff bracelet tutorial
scraps: two strips approx 2″x8″, smaller pieces for applique if desired.
other: fusible interfacing, two snaps.
Daffodils tutorial
scraps: five 4″ squares, one 1.5″x12″ or 1.5″x20″ strip, small circle felt, 2″ square (optional).
other: hot glue, ribbon for hanging or skewers for stems.
Double sided headbands tutorial
scraps: two 2″x12″, two approx 3.5″x17″.
other: 5.5″ length of elastic, 0.5-0.75″ wide.
Drawstring gift card bag tutorial
scraps: 7.5″x9.5″ piece.
other: 1/8″ ribbon, embellishments as desired.
Easy eyeglass case (for reading glasses) tutorial
scraps: two 5″x6.5″ rectangles.
other: one 5″x6.5″ piece thin batting.
Envelope bag tutorial
scraps: two matching pieces large enough to form front, back, and flap.
other: hair elastic, button.
Envelope It (envelope with elastic strap) tutorial
scraps: two 6.5″x4.5″ rectangles, two 6.5″x7″ rectangles.
other: snap, button, or velcro, 7″ length narrow or fold-over elastic, interfacing in 6.5″x4.5″ and 6.5″x7″ rectangles (optional).
Fabric-covered binder clips tutorial
scraps: from 0.75″x1.25″ to 2″x3.25″ depending on clip size.
other: binder clip, mod podge.
Fabric-covered hair clips tutorial
scraps: two 1″x2.5″ or a little smaller.
other: snap clip to cover, thin batting a little smaller than the fabric.
Fabric-covered mini composition book tutorial
scraps: Two pieces at least 5″x7″ and two at least 5″x3.5″.
other: none.
note: easily adapted to any size notebook.
Fabric-covered thumbtacks tutorial
scraps: circles just over 1″ in diameter.
other: 0.5″ flat-backed metal buttons to cover, thumbtacks, hot glue.
Fabric-embellished cards and memory game memory game tutorial / placecard tutorial used in memory game / card tutorial 1 / card tutorial 2 / card tutorial 3
scraps: just about anything, though for the memory game you’ll need matched pairs of not quite 2″ square.
other: card stock. Glue stick and sewing OR fusible web and sewing OR fusible interfacing to make appliques to glue on with tacky glue OR various paper cutting devices (a 1.5″ circle punch for the memory game) and glue stick or spray adhesive. Double sided tape optional.
Fabric flower hair clip tutorial
scraps: six 2″ circles (size can be changed as long as they match), small amount coordinating fabric (optional).
other: alligator-style hair clip, hot glue, coverable button (optional; goes with coordinating fabric, could replace both with decorative button), about 3″ of 3/8″ wide ribbon.
Fabric garden markers tutorial
scraps: If it’s big enough to write on, you can use it.
other: small dowel or skewer, rubber latex, craft glue.
Fabric origami
Make a bat, goldfish, or ladybug out of fabric and stitch down for a pendant or applique. Here is another good resource for origami and the sailboat pendant that inspired this idea.
Fabric shoelaces tutorial
scraps: a variety of 2″ wide strips; total length needed varies by number of eyelets in shoes.
other: none.
Fabric stickers tutorial
scraps: small pieces of decorative fabric slightly wider than your tape.
other: double-sided adhesive tape with a backing on one side.
Fabric wrapped bangle bracelet tutorial
scraps: 2″x18″ strip.
other: thin bangle bracelet, fabric or hot glue, button with shank.
Flag cupcake toppers tutorial
scraps: 1.25″x4″ pieces (can be damaged at corners or have a dent in the short edge).
other: fusible web, wooden toothpicks, buttons and ribbon or other small decorative items.
note: if you use decorative fabric with no embellishments, this is a no-sew project.
Floursack towel curtains decorated with little aprons example / tutorial for a clothesline version
scraps: any, but a good amount in total, including ribbon.
other: two flour sack towels, longer ribbon for trim at bottom of curtains.
note: use this idea for any other images you can dream up!
Fortune cookie (glued) tutorial
scraps: 4″-5″ diameter circle.
other: fusible fleece or thin batting and fusible web (of the same size as the fabric), wire of the diameter of the fabric, ribbon, craft glue.
Fortune cookie (sewn) tutorial
scraps: two 4.5-5″ circles, one sturdy like felt.
other: none.
French press cozy tutorial
scraps: two pieces 5.5″x14.5″.
other: batting or fleece 5.5″x14.5″, two 3.5″ lengths thin elastic, two buttons.
Frog plushie tutorial
scraps: project can be resized as desired; heavier fabric such as felt, satin, corduroy, or upholstery fabric recommended.
other: filling and wobbly eyes (could embroider eyes or use buttons or safety eyes).
Gathered round fabric basket tutorial
scraps: two 8″ diameter circles, 2.25″x14″ strip.
other: 8″ diameter circle fusible batting or fleece (or fusible web and regular batting or fleece).
note: could be easily adapted to other sizes.
Glam Make-up Brushes tutorial
scraps: rectangle at least the length of the brush handle by the circumference of the brush handle, small amount of same fabric, small amount of coordinating fabric.
other: Mod Podge, makeup brush from which you can remove the handle.
Hair curlers tie-on / button-on / velcro-on
scraps: 11″x3″, or 10″x3″-5″ per curler, depending on style and length/thickness of hair.
other: stuffing, button or velcro as appropriate.
note: similar to foam rollers.
Handkerchiefs, dinner napkins, or cocktail napkins tutorial / napkin tutorial archive at The Purl Bee
scraps: single 7″ square or larger. Just hem! Fancier versions at The Purl Bee, including patchwork.
other: none.
Hand-sewn fabric ring tutorial
scraps: strip 1.25″ wide and long enough to go around your finger nearly twice.
other: embroidery floss.
Hand warmer tutorial 1 / tutorial 2
scraps: two 5.5″x6.5″ pieces 100% cotton fabric, or sizes as available/desired.
other: rice, whole spices or coffee beans if desired.
note: we’ve found the rice stays either hot from microwaving or cold from freezing for a wonderfully long time.
Hexagon needle book tutorial
scraps: two squares approximately 2″, two 2″ squares felt, one felt rectangle approximately 2″x5″.
other: D-ring.
Honeypot pincushion tutorial
scraps: four 4.5″x2.5″ rectangles and one 1.75″ diameter circle pot fabric, 2.5″ diameter circle honey fabric.
other: small amount batting plus sawdust or other stuffing, two 1.5″ diameter plastic rings.
Hot pads with finger pockets tutorial
scraps: two 4″x7″ rectangles and two 4″x2.5″ rectangles, matching or not.
other: thin cotton batting in same amount as fabric, 4″x7″ insulated batting, one yard bias tape.
Iron-on patches tutorial
scraps: any with images you like, or patch something together.
other: fusible web with paper backing, such as Wonder Under, Heat ‘n’ Bond, or Steam a Seam.
Jelly bean beanbags tutorial
scraps: two pieces approximately 4″x6″ each.
other: rice, beans, or other stuffing.
note: They specify wool felt, but since the pattern does not leave raw edges other fabrics will work.
Keychain tutorial
scraps: two pieces at least 2″ in diameter, size and shape matching but flexible, smaller pieces for embellishing.
other: iron-on interfacing, twill tape, key ring, buttons or other embellishments if desired.
Keychain mini-purse tutorial
scraps: two 7″x5.5″, one 8.5″x4″, one 5.5″x6″, one 1.25″x1.5″, one 15″x2″.
other: 7″ zipper, 3.25″x5.5″ quilt batting or heavy fabric, 3″x5.5″ fusible web, 2.5″x3.75″ clear vinyl, two 1/4″x6″ lengths of fusible web (you want a kind with paper), 3.75″ of 1/4″ wide elastic, 5″ ribbon, key ring.
note: read ahead – she says you should do one step a bit earlier than she did, but not until it would be too late if you just followed along!
Kite pincushion tutorial
scraps: two pieces approx 4.5″x5″.
other: three 1″x3″ scraps of felt or bits of ribbon, twine, stuffing, embroidery floss.
Laced Quilted Bouquet Cozy tutorial
scraps: two 4.5″x6″ rectangles.
other: one 4.5″x6″ rectangle batting, 26″ of 1 1/8″ binding, 10 grommets, 1.5 yards ribbon.
Little Miss Mason Jars (mason jar cozies) tutorial
scraps: two 12″x3.75″ rectangles, scraps for appliqued decoration.
other: one 12″x3.75″ rectangle batting, 30″ of 1.25″ binding, three 2″ lengths of 1/4″ elastic, 3 buttons, perle cotton or embroidery floss.
Luggage tag tutorial
scraps: two 10.5″x3.75″ pieces.
other: interfacing, vinyl (one or two pieces 3 7/8″ x 2 5/8″), embroidery floss, button, ribbon.
(Another) Luggage tag tutorial
scraps: two 5″ squares.
other: two 5″ squares heavy fusible interfacing, one 3.5″ square clear vinyl, 10″ ribbon or cord.
Monster tooth pillow tutorial
scraps: three 6.5″ squares, felt scraps or other trim.
other: buttons, stuffing.
Neat-n-Tidy Zippered Pouch (raw edges hidden) tutorial
scraps: four 4.75″ squares (or desired finished dimensions plus 3/4″ each direction), one 2″x3″ rectangle (or 2″ by 4 times the D-ring width).
other: two 4.5″ squares fusible interfacing (or larger fabric size minus 1/4″ each direction), D-ring or keyring, 5″ or longer zipper (longer than fabric width).
Necessities on the go mini clutch tutorial
scraps: two 7″x11″ rectangles cut down by pattern, one 5″x4.5″ rectangle, one 7″x6.75″ rectangle.
other: four rectangles fusible interfacing: two from pattern (about 6″x10″), one 2″x3.5″, one 3″x5.75″; 3″ length 1/2″-5/8″ wide twill tape, elastic hair band, one 1/2″-3/4″ button, keyring.
Origami business card holder tutorial
scraps: 8.5″-9″ square.
other: fabric stiffener or iron-on interfacing.
note: the first sewing step in the tutorial is decorative and may be omitted; the second could be replaced by gluing or fusing.
Origami-look gift pouch tutorial
scraps: two 8.5″ squares.
other: 40″ heavy thread/light cord.
note: opens completely flat.
Owl charm (for pennant) tutorial
scraps: two appx 5″x4″, one appx 3.5″x2″, small scraps as desired.
other: two buttons for eyes.
Owl key chain holder tutorial
scraps: two 5″x8″ rectangles, one 3″ square, small amounts felt in various colors.
other: key ring, 10″ cotton cord, two 3/8″ black buttons, fusible web.
Patchwork bookmark tutorial
scraps: any, plus bookmark-sized backing fabric (which is really optional).
other: none.
Patchwork lanyard tutorial
other: many scraps at least 3″ wide.
other: keyring or D-ring.
Patchwork pincushions tutorial
scraps: 4″ square and a good number of smaller pieces.
other: stuffing, steel wool (optional; keeps pins sharp).
Patchwork wristlet tutorial
scraps: twenty-four 2.25″ squares, two 1.5″x15″ strips, one 7.5″ square, two 5.75″x7.5″ rectangles, optional 1″x4″.
other: 7″ zipper, two 5.75″x7.5″ rectangles batting (medium to heavy), interfacing (for some options).
Pencil pouch tutorial
scraps: two 10.25″x3.5″ rectangles for lining, smaller rectangles in black, cream, yellow, gray, and pink to make pencil for exterior.
other: 9″ zipper, two 10.25″x3.5″ rectangles fusible fleece.
Petite Strawberry Pincushion tutorial
scraps: one 3″ square (berry), one 2″x4″ rectangle (leaves).
other: embroidery floss or thin ribbon for scissors loop, hot glue, stuffing.
Pet pouch (small pouch for collar or leash, to hold plastic bags) tutorial
scraps: 3″x8″ piece.
other: 2″ of 1″-wide velcro.
Pin cushion ring tutorial
scraps: circle 3.5″ in diameter.
other: metal or plastic bottlecap, craft ring, small bit of fiberfill, hot glue.
Pin pouffe tutorial
scraps: two circles 4″ diameter, strip 14″x3.5″ (strip could be pieced).
other: 14″ ribbon (optional), stuffing.
Pinwheel hair clip tutorial
scraps: two squares 2″-3″ each, small piece felt.
other: fusible web, Fray Check or thin fabric glue, brad or button, alligator-style hair clip.
Plush alphabet magnets tutorial
scraps: one 8″x4″ or two 4″x4″ rectangles per letter.
other: batting, small magnet (1/4″ to 1/2″ wide).
Plush Easter eggs tutorial
scraps: four 2.5″x4.5″ rectangles per egg, matching or not.
other: fiberfill.
Plush fabric coasters tutorial
scraps: two fabric squares 7″-7.5″, two terrycloth squares to match (terrycloth will not show).
other: embroidery floss if desired.
Plush flower hair pin tutorial / pincushion tutorial
scraps: two 1.5″ diameter circles (approx) for hair pin, two 5″ circles for pincushion. Latter says wool felt but that’s not crucial.
other: beads or buttons (optional), stuffing, interfacing if necessary, embroidery floss, bobby pin for hairpin.
note: this could be made even larger for a pillow; in orange fabric it would make a good pumpkin.
Potholders tutorial 1 / tutorial 2 / tutorial 3
scraps: two equal size squares, at least 7″ across.
other: batting or fleece, about a yard of extra wide double-fold bias tape (optional).
Pumpkin pincushion tutorial
scraps: six pieces approx 2″x4.5″ or 2.5″x6″ (pattern has two sizes).
other: 5″ floral wire, embroidery floss, stuffing.
Purse ornament tutorial
scraps: two 3″x5.5″ pieces, one 3″x4.5″ piece, one 30″x1.5″ strip.
other: cord or ribbon, button.
“Quilt” wallhanging tutorial
scraps: any.
other: artist canvas, mod podge.
Rag quilt letters and numbers tutorial
scraps: two pieces up to 5″x8″ per letter.
other: quilt batting of same size as fabric.
Reversible drawstring bag tutorial
scraps: two of equal size, rectangular but dimensions as desired: twice the finished width plus 1″ by finished distance from bag bottom to drawstring plus 2.5″.
other: ribbon or cord for drawstring.
Rope bracelet tutorial
scraps: depends on wrist size. One 3″x(wrist diameter+1″), four 1″x(wrist diameter+4″), if using non-stretchy fabric one 1″x4″.
other: decorative button.
Rose brooch tutorial
scraps: 2.5″ wide strips of any length (a total of 2 yards will make a flower about 5″ across), small circle of felt (an inch or two smaller than the finished flower).
other: hot glue gun, brooch pin.
Rosette tutorial
scraps: 1″ wide strips of any length; piece if desired. They suggest 22″ to 60″ for various size roses.
other: glue, beads or buttons if desired.
Sachet with replaceable baking soda insert, for hanging tutorial
scraps: two 5″x5″, one 1.5″x6″, two 5″x2″, and one 3.75″x7″.
other: button, baking soda.
Samosa pouch tutorial
scraps: four 6.5″ squares, up to two quilted; two 2″x4″ rectangles.
other: two 7.5″ squares batting, 15″ bias tape or ribbon, zipper at least 7″ long.
Saucepan handle cozy tutorial
scraps: two pieces approx 5″x7″.
other: batting or fleece.
Scissors holder tutorial
scraps: two 5″ squares.
other: a yard of ribbon, embellishments as desired, closure (all optional).
Scrapbusters belt pouch tutorial
scraps: three 4.5″x7.5″ rectangles plus two smaller pieces cut to a pattern.
other: one 4.5″x7.5″ rectangle fusible interfacing, 8.5″ of 1.5″ wide twill tape, 0.5″x1″ piece velcro, 7″ zipper, 1.5″ D-ring.
Scrap-busting hair bows tutorial
scraps: two rectangles 3″x2.5″.
other: alligator-style hair clip, wire, hot glue.
Scrappy pumpkin tutorial
scraps: six 6″x8.5″ rectangles, two circles ~5″ diameter (pattern provided), two rectangles 2.75″x2″ (for stem).
other: stuffing, button (optional).
Scrap ribbon tag toys tutorial
scraps: as desired, to make a small pillow.
other: 3″ lengths of a variety of ribbons, stuffing, crinkly plastic (optional).
Scraptacular cup cozy tutorial
scraps: two 5″x12″ pieces, three 3″ squares.
other: 3″x9″ rectangle of fusible web, 5″x12″ piece of fusible fleece (or regular fleece and more fusible web), 1″ button, pony tail elastic, 28″ of 3/4″-1″ wide rick rack (optional).
Scrunchie tutorial
scraps: 4″x15.75″ piece.
other: elastic approx 1/3″x12″.
Simple bags
Bags are easy provided you have enough fabric: fold, sew on two sides, turn down the edge around the opening and stitch to make the edge nice. If you want to add a drawstring you’ll need more height, because you’ll turn the top down a second time to make the drawstring casing. You can either leave part of the second turn-down unsewn o let the drawstring through, or think ahead and leave a gap in one of the side seams.
Sleep mask tutorial
scraps: two 11″x5″ pieces.
other: batting or thin fleece, 10″ elastic.
Soft baby book tutorials patched with flaps to lift / crazy quilted / appliqued
scraps: many, some patched into 6″-8″ squares.
other: may include crinkly plastic, starch or fusible web, embroidery floss, batting, ribbon, velcro.
Squeaky doggie bone tutorial
scraps: two pieces approx 5.5″x8.5″ in heavy fabric, three or so cotton scraps approx 1″x4″ (optional).
other: stuffing, squeaker.
Spherical fabric ornament tutorial
scraps: 18 same-size circles (shown are not quite 4″).
other: ribbon for hanging (shown is about 8″), hot glue.
Striped grocery bag holder tutorial
scraps: nine 20″x3.5″ pieces.
other: two pieces narrow elastic, 11″ and 6.5″, one 14″ length ribbon.

Stuffed items, general instructions
A small stuffed shape can be a decoration, pincushion, hand warmer, eye pillow, ice pack, ornament, tooth fairy pillow, sachet/air freshener, or cat toy. A larger stuffed shape can be a decorative pillow or neck ache reliever, and any size can be a child’s toy or beanbag. In every case you cut two copies of the desired shape and sew them together, leaving an opening for turning (2″ is ample and 1″ should suffice). Turn, stuff, and hand-stitch closed, or topstitch that side or around the whole shape. You can see the process in this ornament tutorial.

For the hand warmer, neck ache reliever, and ice pack, use rice as stuffing and stuff loosely; lavender or an essential oil may be added to the rice. Natural fibers are better for items to be microwaved as synthetics may smell or melt. The neck ache reliever furthermore should be long and thin, for draping over your shoulders; an eye pillow should be rectangular but smaller, in the 4″x9″ range, and stuffed with either rice or flaxseed. For a pincushion, a small block of (non-soapy) steel wool wrapped in batting will help keep your pins sharp; I have also seen them stuffed with a combination of fiberfill and rice, with sawdust, and with sand. The tomato/strawberry combinations are often sawdust (tomato) and sand (strawberry), the latter for sharpening purposes. A tooth fairy pillow needs a pocket or pouch for the tooth and an ornament needs something from which to be hung. Sachets and air fresheners call for lavender, other fragrant herbs, or essential oils as or with the stuffing. If desired, add a hanging loop out of ribbon or cord when first sewing the sides together. Cat toys call for catnip in the stuffing; it is better to stuff them with strips of fabric than with batting or fiberfill, as if the cat tears the toy open it is easier to accidentally ingest batting than fabric strips.

Summer wallet tutorial
scraps: all rectangles: two 9.5″x4.5″, one 9.5″x6.5″, one 9.5″x5″.
other: one 9″x4″ piece fusible interfacing, button, 4″ length narrow elastic, ribbons and trims as desired.
Tea wallet or credit card wallet tutorial
scraps: four 5″x7″ rectangles (only 5″x6″ needed for credit cards).
other: interfacing of same size as fabric, button, 6″ ribbon.
Tiny pincushion scissor attachment tutorial
scraps: one 2″ square and two 2″x1.25″ pieces OR two 2″ squares (leave turning opening on edge).
other: stuffing, approx 10″ narrow ribbon.
Tomato or mini pumpkin pin cushion tomato / mini pumpkin
scraps: 8″ or 2.5″-3.5″ diameter circle, small amount felt or other fabric for leaves.
other: embroidery floss, rice/stuffing/sand, Fray Check if not using felt, hot glue (optional).
Triangle coin purse with zipper tutorial
scraps: four 5″ squares, two 2″x1.5″ rectangles.
other: two 4″ squares batting, 3″ zipper, approximately 18″ decorative cord or ribbon.
Triangular log cabin pincushion tutorial
scraps: 7″ square, 2″ square, 1.25″ wide strips of lengths from 3″ to 7″.
other: stuffing.
Trinket tray tutorial
scraps: two 7″ squares.
other: 8×10 cardboard, 3/4 yd narrow piping, 1 1/3 yd narrow ribbon.
note: if you bound the edges of this with bias tape or similar instead of stitching and turning, you could use a glue stick to “baste” the fabric to the cardboard to hold everything in place for sewing.
Turtle pincushion tutorial
scraps: two appx 3″x4″, four appx 2.5″x3″, 23 up to 1.5″x2.5″.
other: batting or foam appx 2.5″3.25″ and 2″x2.5″, small amount stuffing, two 3mm beads.
note: You will add your own seam allowance to the pattern. She uses felt for certain of the pieces and hand-sews it with no seam allowance, but you could modify to sew with a seam allowance to use a different kind of fabric.
Valentine heart sachets tutorial
scraps: two plain or pieced faces each approximately 7″ square (they piece four 5″ squares together for the front and use a solid for the back).
other: 24″ of narrow ribbon, two 1/2″ to 5/8″ buttons, lavender or other desired filler.
Wallet tutorial
scraps: all rectangles: two 8.5″x9″, six 8.5″x4.5″, one 8.5″x4″, one 8.5″x3.5″, one 8.5″x3″, two 2.5″x5″, optionally one 8.5″x8″.
other: one to two 8.5″x9″ pieces heavy interfacing, heavy duty snap, one to two 7″ zippers.
note: the second zipper goes with the optional piece of fabric to make an additional outer pocket; the second piece of interfacing makes up for a lightweight outer fabric if needed.
Wrapped cord coiled bowl (sewn) tutorial
scraps: many long thin strips, 1/2″ to 3/4″ wide.
other: 1/4″ to 3/8″ diameter cotton clothesline.
note: you will be sewing through the clothesline, so while you could probably use nylon, you’ll ruin your needle doing so. You could easily adapt this to make a coaster or trivet.
Zipper card pouch tutorial
scraps: four 5.25″x3.75″ rectangles, two 1.75″x2.75″ rectangles.
other: 5.5″ and 10″ lengths 1″ wide twill tape, 5.5″ length 3/8″ wide grosgrain ribbon, 7″ zipper.
Zippered pen case tutorial
scraps: four 4″x7.5″ rectangles, four 2″x17″ strips, two 2″x6″ rectangles.
other: zipper at least 15″ long, up to four 4″ lengths of elastic, two 4″x7.5″ rectangles fusible interfacing or plain interfacing and fusible web.
Zippered wristlet tutorial
scraps: four 8″x6.5″ rectangles, one 10.5″x1.25″ strip.
other: 7″ zipper.

Note: Materials listed do not include standard items such as sewing thread or ordinary paper.

These links are a hand-curated collection that I’ve done my best to describe and categorize accurately so they will be useful. If you notice an error of any kind, have a suggestion for a tutorial to include, or wish another category were in the list at top, please let me know.