Happy Halloween!

The BLT gang is here!

BLT monsters in BLT order

I went looking for trio costumes for Hugs, Stumpy, and Cirrus, and this one leapt out to all of us. Hugs insisted on being bacon and Cirrus said it only made sense for her to be the tomato, which left Stumpy as lettuce. It might not have been his choice, but as they say, it’s not easy being green.

Bacon Hugs

Only the Hug Monster can make a frying pan look like a hot tub.

lettuce Stumpy

On second thought, a ride in the salad spinner was not so good of an idea.

tomato Cirrus

I thought this one was a bit morbid, but Cirrus insisted it was the only thing that made sense to do. She’s the artist!

BLT buddies

The intersection of times with good natural light and times I had available for photos this week was just about empty, but (with an assist from my nice bright lights) I think we did okay. Happy Halloween!

Grrrain monster

A new monster! Whether this is a friendly monster or a mean monster probably depends on your digestive system.

grain monsters from ReveDreams
Grain Monster Pattern

You’ll find grain monsters in many places….

grain monster on the flour canister

The flour canister is an obvious place to look.

grain monster in the mixing bowl

The mixing bowl likewise, but….

grain monster hiding in the soy sauce

They can appear in places you wouldn’t expect, as well!

Mean or nice, however, they like to play, especially if they can build something.

flour and barley sandcastle!

For more portraits and details about the pattern, visit the pattern page.

Mud monster

April showers bring Mud Monsters!

Mud Monster
Mud Monster Pattern

He’s a sloppy little guy, inspired by frogs and mudskippers — not to mention mud season. The pattern page has more about what’s required to make your own; here I just thought I’d show you an adventure we had. Just to warn you, there are a lot of photos past the cut in this post.

We got a good bit of rain this weekend, so it was perfectly wet. Down by the river, Muddy made a sand castle amid the pawprints and then posed with it.

Mud Monster makes a sand castle

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