Miscellaneous March 1

I did a few projects in March that didn’t merit a post, but for which I have some photos to show. There ended up being 4 so I’ve split them up into two posts. Let’s start with the one that definitely worked out: a tooth!

embroidery floss amigurumi tooth from front embroidery floss amigurumi tooth from back

Ages ago I asked on the ReveDreams Facebook page for items I could crochet out of embroidery floss, and my aunt suggested a tooth. There it is at long last. It has only two roots mostly because it’s a pain to work that small, with the reverse-engineered rationale that this way, it can sit on the edge of something.

Second, one that I completed but that really didn’t work out so well: a pair of slippers. If you have a Ravelry account you can see more of the saga on my project page for these, but long story short, after a good deal of effort to resize these, they are a bit loose and not at all the same size as each other. Crochet chain shoelaces mitigate the problem but don’t quite fix it.

finished slippers, unlaced finished slippers with laces

One thing I would consider doing again, though, is adding loops of yarn to the perimeter of a felt sole for ease of sewing it to the bottom of crochet slippers. That way I could use a blunt needle, and should the sole wear out it will be easier to remove and replace than it would be if I’d used a sharp needle to sew it directly on. That’s 3D fabric paint on the bottom, my attempt to add traction. It works better than I expected but we’ll see how well it lasts (likewise the loops of yarn, some of which appear to be pulling out already).

slipper soles showing yarn on edge slipper soles, sewn onto slippers

Bis morgens!

Mud monster

April showers bring Mud Monsters!

Mud Monster
Mud Monster Pattern

He’s a sloppy little guy, inspired by frogs and mudskippers — not to mention mud season. The pattern page has more about what’s required to make your own; here I just thought I’d show you an adventure we had. Just to warn you, there are a lot of photos past the cut in this post.

We got a good bit of rain this weekend, so it was perfectly wet. Down by the river, Muddy made a sand castle amid the pawprints and then posed with it.

Mud Monster makes a sand castle

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Mystery crochet

I had never taken part in a crochet-a-long until this month, when I saw NeedleNoodles post that she would be running two: a standard CAL with some of her spring patterns (and an accompanying discount), and a mystery CAL in the Ravelry group Hooked for Life! While one of her spring patterns was very appealing (a hen and chicks, including an egg with feet), I couldn’t resist the lure of the MCAL.

I wasn’t able to start stitching until this past weekend, though the daily clues were posted from the 1st to the 16th. Here’s what we had.

NeedleNoodles April 2014 MCAL pieces


Clues 1-3: two microphones.

NeedleNoodles April 2014 MCAL pieces

Clues 4-6: two clubs.

NeedleNoodles April 2014 MCAL pieces

Clues 7-10: a strawberry in a tutu.


Clues 11-13: A head!


Clues 14-16: Two deflated balloons.

And finally, the whole thing comes together!

NeedleNoodles MCAL result

If this sort of thing sounds like fun to you, follow the ReveDreams Facebook page. Any future mystery crochet-a-longs that cross my desk will be posted there.