Lightbulbs Aplenty


Three patterns, three kinds of light bulb. Each is about six inches tall and ready to light up your life or manifest your good ideas.

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This pattern includes the compact fluorescent light bulb and incandescent light bulb found on the blog, as well as an LED bulb found only here. The CFL instructions are a good bit more concise and to the point than the version on the blog.

You’ll need up to an ounce (28g) of worsted weight yarn per bulb, in two or three colors: bulb and base for incandescent and LED, bulb and one or two base colors for CFL. Your hook size actually matters here far more than in my usual patterns: you want a hook that makes a tube 5 sc around the right size to fit a pipe cleaner inside, easily but not loosely. For me this was an E/4 hook (3.5mm) but I crochet rather loosely so you may want an F/5 (3.75mm). I made all three bulbs with the same hook.

For the CFL, on that note, you need two pipe cleaners (assuming they are about 12″/30cm long). For all the bulbs you need some stuffing and, optionally, something with weight to put in the very base of the bulb and help it stand up. I have used pebbles, beads, coins, and tangled necklace chains for this purpose.

Stitches and techniques assumed: magic ring, slip knot, chain, single crochet and its decrease (standard or invisible), needle join specifically in the second stitch, slip stitch by itself or to attach new yarn, double crochet, sewing up openings, weaving in ends, sewing pieces together

Taught in pattern: Front post double crochet, though in brief. For alternative photos visit Mon Petit Violon.


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