The finished quilt: a 6″ by 6″ piece titled Saturation. It will be shown at an art fair on Wednesday.


The title came before the design; I was considering a quilt of leaf-patterned fabrics but just wasn’t feeling it, and the Feeling Stitchy August stitchalong was on my brain as well. I started looking at the fabrics and seeing what I liked, and the rich, saturated colors were the ones that grabbed me. Colors are saturated when they are very far from a gray of the same lightness. I think of saturated colors as being Very: very intense, very themselves. They don’t have to be dark or primary colors, but they are not going to be neutral.

On top of the saturated colors I saturated the quilt with embroidery. I tried to find a way to put an additional level of saturation into the quilt but I didn’t want to be so literal as to make it evoke the molecular structure of a saturated fat, or the mathematical structure of a saturated bipartite graph. Two levels will do.

close-up close-up

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    1. Thank you!

      And yes, I guess the molecular structure of caffeine is one thing; the molecular structure of a saturated fat is quite another…

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