Trio of bookmarks

Craft Countdown #5 was bookmarks. A few years ago I bought a pack of plain bookmark-sized cardstock to make bookmarks for friends as Christmas gifts. That was still bumming around my stash so I thought for variety in the Countdown I would make some bookmarks.

some stuff

It helps in endeavors like this to have an obscenely large sticker collection.

o the humanity

To be fair, that file also holds greeting cards.

Unfortunately, the eyelets I bought in the scrapbooking section of a store were incompatible with the pliers I bought in the sewing section of the same store! I had to shimmy a few smashed eyelets off the pin of the pliers with another pair of pliers before I gave up. And now I should sort them out of my bin of eyelets so I don’t have this experience again.

But without further ado, the finished bookmarks:

without tassel with tassel

And, a Happy Birthday to my Aunt Liz!

2 thoughts on “Trio of bookmarks”

  1. Very cute. I suppose this probably isn’t the best time to admit I have a plastic bin full of stickers. It’s not a huge bin, but it’s bigger than a shoe box…

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