The Vault: Part 2

Before moving on to embroidery floss crochet, as I implied I did right away in one of my very first blog posts here, I ambitiously set out to stitch a kodama for my brother-in-law. This was in my second month of crocheting, and it went rather well.

kodama progress kodama finished

I got on a kick of finger puppets, and made a tentacled alien, shown blurrily below, for a friend (also Buddha’s fashionable hat, which was the result when my friend challenged me to make a stadium). I tried to make a finger puppet from a pattern that used joined rounds, and ended up accidentally adding stitches until it was a Jabba the Hutt kind of shape, so I added a face and arms to get the second alien below.

alien puppet alien puppet

buddha hat alien puppet

To be continued…

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