Bottle cozy

My grandmother has been instructed to drink a lot of water, so she asked for a water bottle for Christmas. Specifically a metal water bottle. She likes her water very cold, so I thought I could take yarn with me and make her a sleeve for the bottle, which turned out to be an Arizona Tea bottle after all. She’d suggested black; I also bought white and had some sparkly burnt orange on hand. I made the bottom from cotton yarn so it could act like a coaster, and the sides were Vanna’s Glamour. She looks like a real Hawkeyes fan.

bottle cozy

I just freehanded it; there are some shell stitches, some alternating dc inc and dc dec, some straight dcs and some multi-row scs. It was all with an E hook.

On my first attempt, I decided for some reason that smaller yarn meant I should use a larger hook for the sides so it would fit. That was erroneous. I decreased by lots of stitches as I went but it was still way too big. However, it made a great hat for my niece’s new stuffed cat!

rasta cat

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