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Hi! I’m Reve (reh’ vay), also known by my given name Rebecca. I’m pleased you’re here!

Contacting me: You can reach me by email as Reve at ReveDreams, or via the contact form below. I also reside at rweber.net (my “technical blog”, which is also a catch-all site for my various activities).

You can also find me/the blog on Facebook Ravelry Feedly Bloglovin

More about me than you want to know: I’m a craft generalist who likes fabric remnants, acrylic paint, making do, yarn sales, diluting things, technical challenges, Mod Podge, my seam gauge, 5×7 notebooks, 4×6 notebooks (everything in its place), page layout, reorganizing, perfect sun for photographs, and compiling useful links. I am also a fan of puzzles, miniatures (provided the drawers and cabinets open), science fiction, fantasy, my husband, teaching, wordplay, Qi Baishi, total control over my own schedule, Robyn Hitchcock, chickens, history of computer programming and culture, my sister, my bicycle, Franz Marc, magical realism, synthpop, and dilettante graphic design. The fact that I’m a former mathematician shows occasionally. The question I most like to answer is “how do we make this work?”

About this blog: Most of my posts are in crochet and sewing, but there are still many in a wide variety of other crafts. I’m a beginner at needle felting and drawing, and would like to increase the amount of embroidery I do. For a curated selection of blog entries try the showcase category. For a brief but informative look inside my brain, try this post.

Comment policy: Your first comment will be moderated, but afterward comments made with the same identifying information are automatically approved. Criticism and disagreement are welcome; abusive or hateful comments will be deleted. The comments never close; you are invited to reply even to posts that are ancient (and to ask questions, which I will try my best to answer)!

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