Good morning!

My sewing and crafting room is bursting at the seams – every available horizontal surface has baskets or bags or piles of stuff on it. I don’t like it that way, and as part of a more general downsizing and organizing push I am trying to make a dent in it. One aspect of that is to either complete or declare bankruptcy on all of my “current projects” (some of which have been in a large plastic storage bin labeled as such for several years). While going through piles I found some pieces of fabric that were earmarked to become coasters; some cutting and facing had been done. My first step in completing them was to cut interfacing of the full finished size (4 inches square) and use Wonder Under fusible web to affix it to the back of the fabric.

just fabric with interfacing

You can see the original bit of iron-on interfacing just under the image itself.

My original plan was to take the coordinating fabric and make a square frame around the center image, but I didn’t really put enough forethought into the process to do that. Instead, I sewed it to cover the partial images on two sides (sides on one coaster and top and bottom on the other), with pieces large enough that the raw edges were close to the center back, and folded another piece to match the uncovered image in front.

one layer sewn covering the raw edges in back

I think I may have swapped the two backings when I put them on, but that’s okay. They were attached with more Wonder Under. Then I found a coordinating color of bias tape (extra wide double fold, my standard kind) to cover the raw edge.


After sewing the hidden seam, I refolded the tape once, wrapped the ends around the edges of the coaster, folded the exposed corners so no raw tape edges would show, and stitched (somewhat sloppily) in the ditch with thread in two colors from the main images.

front back

Then I mailed them to my boyfriend, who was appreciative.