Patterns and puppets

I got a new toy this week! Ursa Software puts out a cross-stitch pattern making program, with versions not only for Windows but also for Mac (unusual!). I’ve only just begun using it but it is fun so far. There is a bit of a learning curve, though. I would like to read through the manual and see if I can reset some things – like making only the corners of each square available for French knots and the ends of backstitches, instead of a grid of nine points on each square. The image uploader/converter is quite good, as far as I can tell from playing with it, and there are a few built-in alphabets and motifs. I got the Premium version (only $5 more than Standard, and I definitely didn’t just want Lite, which can’t do French knots or make pdfs), which is the only version that allows you to preview the work matted and framed.

I made one little pattern that I’ve started stitching and tweaking, so more on that later, but with one of the included alphabets I made the following:

ReveDreams on the marquee

Click the picture for the pattern in pdf. There is no overlap between the pieces of the pattern, which unfortunately is not indicated.

While you’re waiting for my full review, enjoy this little guy I whipped up last night: