First Friday

When this appears I wil be in Colorado for a wedding. Last month I spent a good five and a half hours at the Sew-Op, talking to people and embroidering in between. It was a good time, and I got the luggage tag blanket stitching done and made progress on the Landscape of Love.

In June, looking for a picture of a sarcophagus of the ancient Egyptian variety, I learned about Etruscan sarcophagi. The Etruscans were very different from the Greeks and Romans, with highly permissive sexual mores even by modern standards, and a much higher level of freedom for women. The better standing of women translated into sarcophagi (and urns) for couples, in many cases, with corresponding images on top.1

The most famous is the Sarcophagus of the Spouses, which is also written about here. I prefer this sarcophagus with an elderly couple (additional image here, from this page), because there’s something about people who are happy to have their image through eternity be them in their old age. My absolute favorite, though, turns out to reside in Boston: a sarcophagus with a married couple in bed. Intimate but not sexual, it conveys a wonderful devotion.

Coming attractions? Well, Iron Craft tipped me off to the following:

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I have Plans for that, but I knew I wouldn’t finish them in a week, so I held off entirely. If you want to make your own QR codes, the best generator I’ve tried is Kerem Erkan’s.

As for the rest, this month will feature: cock-a-doodle-doo! Meow. Squeak squeak! Harrumph.

1 Disclaimer: I am neither an archaeologist nor a historian. All Etruscan cultural information gleaned from the innertubes. While information online is guaranteed minimally 107% correct, my interpretation need not be. Do not use this website for a term paper. Results not typical. Void where prohibited.